Professional Development

Are Web Filters the solution for Internet Safety in Schools?

Most educators, parents, and students are delighted by the scope of possibilities offered by cyberspace. Many schools are integrating technology, providing access to the Internet for students, teachers, administrators, and staff.
Millions of students around the world link daily to the Internet in schools. Substantial investments have been made to provide added bandwidth, superior networks, and Wi-Fi accessibility, and upgraded Web Filter programs and controls.

adminAre Web Filters the solution for Internet Safety in Schools?
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Tips for Effective Professional Development

Professional Development is mostly the process of attaining the skills, qualifications, and experience that allow specialists, in this case, teachers, to forge ahead in their careers and improve the quality of instruction imparted to their students.

In other words, it is a wide-ranging, continued, and intensive approach that tends to enhance teacher and principal effectiveness in raising student achievement by providing resources, workshops, training, and assistance in the classroom. There are numerous subjects in professional development; nonetheless, I’m going to concentrate on technology as most of the recommendations to be presented for technology would apply to any other category.

adminTips for Effective Professional Development
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